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  1. Sirenum
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About this release:

The full-length album of Titan Slayer, Praetorian Ascension, Vol. 01 mixes electronic, orchestral and rock genres in the unique sci-fi/cinematic blend and sends their listeners on a journey to the dark and distant galaxies.

Release Date: 2018-02-05
Artist: Titan Slayer
Genre: Electronic/Rock/Hybrid
Label: Hyperreal Records


1. The Surface
2. Orion Warcry
3. Sirenum
4. Praetorian Fury
5. Midnight Monorail
6. Hell Walker
7. Enceladus ONE
8. Project Ranger
9. Stormbringer
10. Descent into the Core
11. Aeon


Soundcloud: @titanslayervenator
Facebook: www.facebook.com/TitanSlayerGroup
Twitter: twitter.com/TitanVenator
Website: www.titanslayer.com/

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Forged in a deep galaxy, his music combines an unstoppable fury of aggressive electric guitars, screaming synthesizers, and powerful percussion. His music has been used in hundreds of projects – from adverts to films and video games. Besides managing his own projects, he collaborates with such companies like FiXT, Position Music, Alloy Tracks and others.

About Hyperreal:

Hyperreal Records, the independent label of Titan Slayer, is a home of electronic and hybrid artists, who produce world-class music for Films, Video Games and TV.

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We distribute digital releases on 40+ platforms, including iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify, do Film/TV licensing and promote our artist on music blogs and social media. If you interested in working with the Hyperreal Records please submit a streaming link for 2-4 songs and any other info that you think is pertinent. We'll review all submissions and contact you if we are interested!