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  1. Wasteland

From the album Vengeance

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Website: https://titanslayer.com/
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TITAN SLAYER presents Wasteland – cinematic & epic rock trailer. Inspired by such movies and games like True Detective, Westworld, Mad Max and Rage – Wasteland is foreboding, enigmatic and mystical music piece.This track was made for use in a trailer, teaser, TV spot and soundtrack in such visual medias like a thriller, western and detective TV series and films, documentary, militaries, product adverts and commercials, action & adventure video games, sports, and extreme sports media. Main instruments used: cinematic electric guitars, bass guitar, pulse synth, dramatic piano, massive drums and sound effects.

4 versions included:
1. Wasteland Rock Trailer [Original Version] – 1:40

2. Wasteland Rock Trailer [Alt End 1] – 1:33, starts at 1:37 in the preview file. Same version as original, but without piano and guitar in the end

3. Wasteland Rock Trailer [Alt End 2] – 1:31, starts at 1:56 in the preview file. Same version as original, but without drums, piano, synths and with a delayed tail in the end

4. Wasteland Rock Trailer [Short Version] – 0:29, starts at 2:12 in the preview file.

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About me
TITAN SLAYER is composer and producer who works in such genres as Soundtrack, Industrial, Electronic Rock, Ambient and Orchestral. He is widely known due to scoring of Quake 4: False Dawn and short movie Donut Planet.


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