Ah, yes, Titan Slayer. I have been growing fond of this Russian composer and producer ever since I listened to his single Desolated Heroes. I was quite fond of that track, and his talents have not only been noted by myself. He's also responsible for scoring Quake 4: False Dawn, which is a mod released for the original title. While it isn't the most notable achievement in the world, he is still willing to push his musical skills wherever he can. And, in this case, he has used his talent to get his music out to something he loves. 

However, that is not why I am here today. No, I am here to talk about his first EP titled, Titanium: Chapter 01. This five track EP was released a little more than a week ago and contains lots of genre crossing and influences. I think if there is any one term that could be used to describe the direction Titan Slayer is trying to go in, it would be "epic." 

The reason I say this is because his sounds mix electronics with an orchestral soundtrack and some dubstep influences. Elysium kicks us off into this journey, with choral samples and light synth work addressing a God like being descending upon Earth. Consider this to be an intro track to an alien invasion on Earth. 

Emperor sits close to home with the previous record. However, dubstep influences in the form of wobbles come into play, and the choral samples are gone. At points, the next song Titanium sounded way too eerily familiar to the previous, and I did not like that one bit. I switched back and forth between the two and got confused as to which one was playing after a while. That was perhaps the only bad bit on the EP this far. 

I've already covered Desolated Heroes in the past (click on the link to it in the first paragraph), so I will skip discussing that song. However, the last song, Arrive, left off quite a bleak setting. More or less on the dark ambient side, it just sounds as if a gigantic war or battle swept up a landscape and left it completely dry and lifeless. This would be the track that would play as you walk through the chaos, destruction, and decay of war. Fairly robust, but also the best record presented. 

Now, aside from the slight hiccup with Emperor and Titanium sounding a little too much alike, the first chapter in this series went over quite well for me. I do believe that the run time was a bit short, just coming in at fifteen minutes and that perhaps remixes from other artists would do well to give the EP more life and a longer running period. That being said, Titan Slayer has done a swell job with his first EP, and I am sure that more jolly goodness will come from this guy. Keep your eyes peeled.

Source: Brutal Resonance
 Titan Slayer, Epic, Hybrid Trailer Music, Ambient.

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