Desolated Heroes is the debut single of Titan Slayer on Venator Music. Relatively simple cover art shows little to understand what the single will show off, but, nonetheless, it's decent. 

With a little electronic line running its way through the song, and a pretty epic sounding line running right behind it, this would fit pretty well within a cinematic sci-fi movie. The dubstep influenced wobbles make it more for the modern era than not, and the scale of the song indeed attempts to reach God-like stature. The guitar notes ring out nicely throughout the song, and there's not much bad to be said about it. 

A short teaser, lasting only about three and a quarter minutes, it allowed me to get a little taste of what else Titan Slayer has in store for the future. There is certainly a degree of interest in me for what else this man might release next, but for now, I can dig this tune.

Source: Brutal Resonance
Titan Slayer, Dubstep, Epic, FiXT. 

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