A world of the end times awaits you.
Save planet Zeal from the ugly alien lifeforce "Krophixx".

Zeal is a fast retro 3D-shooter, inspired by the early 21st century video games.

What is the story about?
You are Hank. As a member of the "Stormstriker Elite Team", you raise your lethal arms against a horde of dangerous monsters from another world.
On your mission, you get support from your team members, that are fighting and technology specialists.
Be prepared for the ultimate war.

Quake 4: False Dawn

False Dawn is set a number of years after the events of Quake 4, where you assume the role of the best of a new breed of soldier, the Stroggified Marine.
You can go where no regular human can and have been called upon to save humanity from the threat of a mysterious new super weapon developed by the vicious Strogg!


Donut Planet

Donut Planet is a suffering donut shop that's located parallel to a loud freight train line. Every day that train rolls past and Brad, Donut Planet's only employee, tirelessly works. All day Brad longs for something more out of life, he contemplates quitting and going back to school but never gets the gumption to do so. On a quiet Friday at closing time Brad is visited by his last two customers, Falcon and Eagle - who are recently, escaped mental patients looking for a good time and a tasty snack. Falcon and Eagle's delusional world slams into Brad's life like a freight train. Brad is confused and angry - he gets pushed to his breaking point. A simple desert donut shop is turned into a fight for Brad's sanity. Donut Planet is a dark comedy that reminds us all, that life will crash into us at one point or another, leaving behind an opportunity for change and growth.

Written by Travis Dooley

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